The Leadership Theory Of Leadership

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Leadership is a very complex and important aspect of not only business but life. Leadership is an important skill that can come easy to some, but also can be a learned skill. Leadership has been around as long as human beings have walked this earth. Great leaders of the past include Alexander the Great, George Washington, Pope John Paul II, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership is a complicated subject and has had many studies done to help understand its elements and what it takes to become a great leader. There are five major leadership theory classifications include, trait, behavioral, contingency, integrative, and management to the leadership. According to Lussier and Achua, “A leadership paradigm is a shared mindset that represents a fundamental way of thinking about, perceiving, studying, researching, and understanding leadership.” (p. 19). This essay will list and define the leadership theory paradigms. The first leadership theory is the trait theory paradigm. According to Lussier and Achua, “Leadership trait theories attempt to explain distinctive characteristics accounting for leadership effectiveness.” (p. 19). Early theories on leadership were based on the belief that leaders were born with the necessary characteristics required to be an effective leader. The trait theory paradigm theorized that a list of traits existed that researchers could find in all effective leaders. Lussier and Achua write, “Hundreds of trait studies were conducted during the 1930s and
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