The Learning Goals For A Professional Nurse

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The learning goals for this course incorporate a combination of personal fears and topics which are needed to improve my standing as a professional nurse. The first learning goal of this course is understanding the research process. This will be covered in module four of the course. The basic understanding of the framework of the research process is an important first step in deciphering the verbosity of research studies. Individuals attempting to research a problem and those reading and studying the research data must be able to determine the primary goal of the study to determine its relevance to the situation. Module four will provide the needed insight in the quest for achieving this learning goal.
The second learning goal for this course centers on the subjects of qualitative and quantitative research. According to the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, qualitative research is defined as research “designed to reveal a target audience’s range of behavior and the perceptions that drive it with reference to specific topics or issues”(Qualitative Research Consultants Association, 2015, para 2). Conversely, quantitative research is defined as” any research based on something that can be accurately and precisely measured” (University of Wisconsin-Madison Ebling Library, 2016). The understanding of these terms and their place in nursing research will be required in the synthesis of data acquired through research. Modules that will address these topics are three and

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