The Lego Movie Analysis

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In the movie “The Lego Movie” there are many different morals and points of perspective to be taken out of the movie. The topic of this essay is, how does The Lego Movie demonstrate that those in a role of leadership can have the power to rule in positive or negative or positive ways. This prompt will be shown with evidence from the movie focusing on some certain characters. The characters that will be focused on are Emmet, President Business and Vitruvius.
President business is a perfect example of the fact that having a leadership role can give someone the chance and power to rule in a positive or negative way. As a president he had a lot of power. He abused this right. He used his power for his own gain to get things how he wanted them to be. With the amount of power that he had he was able to cover all this up and make sure nobody knew. This is evidence of how having a leadership role can give anyone the chance to make a positive or negative impact. This example is of someone in a leadership role making a negative impact on the people and lives around him. In the speech he gave on the television of all the citizens he says things like “I am the president of the octan cooperates and the world.” He is showing the world his power so that they don’t question him but also so that they can’t. In the movie “The Lego Movie” the character President Business abuses his power as president. He uses his power in a negative way and for his own personal deeds. He wants the world to

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