The Limits Of Public Service Discretion : The Silver Affair

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The case "The Limits of Public Service Discretion: The Silver Affair" exemplifies the complexity of the framework "Getting to Yes" in negotiations. For the most part, Silver was successful with the method of separating the people from the problem. Silver faced issues created by the strong emotional attachment to the problem due to a long history, affiliations, loyalty, reputation, and power. Due to the intricacy of any change process, Silver encountered several problems in negotiation, with each posing difficulties that had to be overcome with skilled negotiation tactics: permission by Headquarters to change existing policies, implementing the policy in the field, obtain final approval by Headquarters, and the Headquarter director 's attempt to gain political resources. During each step, Silver applied the framework of "Getting to Yes" and had to decide on whether to compromise, collaborate, or stand firm. Silver showed that negotiation is not a straight forward process, but rather a combination of several approaches depending on the parties ' responses. During difficult times, Silver used Fisher and Ury 's method negotiation jujitsu, which applies the philosophy of martial art to the art of negotiation. Silver dealt with hard bargaining; opponents used tactics such as deliberate deception (dubious intentions), psychological warfare (threats), and positional pressure tactics (refusal to negotiate and a calculated delay) (Fisher & Ury, 2012). These hard bargaining tactics

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