The Link Between Social Networking And Digital Technology

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Instagram is an online social networking app that allows people to share photos and videos to the public. Also it connected with other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter etc. (Instagram. Com 2015). People can use Instagram to take photos at anytime and editing it with filters, and share their life moments in a visual way by taking photos and videos. Moreover, the additional services on Instagram, such as Instagram message, Hashtag, Filters and Like button etc. Those features reinforced the connection between social networking and digital technology. According to Goldhaber (2006) Attention is a system that revolves primarily around paying, receiving, and seeking what is most intrinsically limited and not replaceable by anything else. It indicated that the overflowing information on the Internet created an attention economy, people are desired to receive information as much as they can. However, the overabundance of information led to the loss of attention. Especially when the developed technology allows people to access to information in multiple ways, multi screen and multi task became a social phenomenon. Thus social interaction with the social networks services creates new channels for distributing attention. Hayles (2007) stated that the shift in cognitive styles can be seen in the contrast between deep attention and hyper attention. Deep attention is focus on a single object for long time, however, hyper attention is a switching focus on multiple

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