The Lion And The Jewel By Soyina Analysis

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Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian writer, who explores the cultures and traditions of Yoruba, a Nigerian culture in this play “The Lion and the Jewel”. The main aim of this study is to evaluate Soyinka’s play. Soyinka tries to bring out the conflict between the tradition and the western culture. The concept of Post colonialism is clearly depicted in the character of Baroka, whose character represents the attitude of a Lion. The complete play occurs in a single day. Within this short time of period Soyinka explains us how the domination of a single person affects the group of people in the Illunjile village. He also insisted the character Lakunle, a modernized school teacher who is straight opposite to the character Baroka. Sidi is the central female character, an eighteen years old girl, attracts both traditional Baroka and westernized Lakunle. The main confrontation between North Pole and South Pole exist till the end of the play due to the character Sidi. Sadiku, the first wife of Baroka eagerly involved herself in marrying Sidi. This explainsthe old tradition …show more content…

Later her decision made the turning point as well as a very great conclusion which clearly demonstrate the truth that she underwent a several psychological pains. And if we keenly notice her character from the first we never suspect this end, but we can criticize easily that she is affected by suppression, she lost her dreams everything. Sadiku as a first wife of Baroka searched a wife for her own husband, even though he is lost his manhood. Though she portrayed as a character who is very much interested in searching a girl for her husband but as a women. This situation torments her lot which is not exposed by

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