The Lost Boy : A Foster Child 's Search For The Love Of A Family Essay

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In 1997, David Pelzer wrote a book called, The Lost Boy: A Foster Child 's Search for the Love of a Family. This was a book based on Pelzer 's life during foster care. Pelzer was tormented and abused by his mother and couldn 't stand living with her another second. However, Pelzer always questions himself, if it was his fault? Pelzer like any other child wanted a place he could call home. It took many adventures, mistakes, and a rebellious attitude to find it. With his past getting in the way, it made it very difficult for Pelzer to settle down because his mother always got in the way. Is Pelzer capable of putting his mothers differences aside? Was he ready to become a foster child? Because this was a journey of Pelzer 's self discovery. David Pelzer 's life took place in Daly City, California. In 1973, his prayers had been answered. In Pelzer last book, A Child Called It, the teachers from Thomas Edison Elementary School had questions the marks and bruises along his body. They had reported it and told the police officers. Pelzer was more excited then he had ever been; however, he did not realize what was in store for him. Over the years he had been in five foster homes from the age of twelve to eighteen. Once he got to the point that he was comfortable in a home it was time for him to move again. Many of the foster parents he had along the way had impacted his life in many ways. There was Rudy and Lilian Cantanze, Michael and Joanne Nulls, Jody and Vera Jones, John and

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