The Love Of Love In Araby's A Rose For Emily

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In “Araby” the story talks about a boy who is insanely in love with his friends, Mangan, sister. He was so in love with the girl, he would think about her where ever he went, she drove him crazy. Every morning he would wait for her to leave her house just so he could walk behind her and rush right past her before they continued their separate ways. A few occasional words were exchange, but nothing more and that is what angered him. This was his first love and she did not notice him the way he saw and thought of her. When she finally speaks to him, it is about Araby, a bazaar, that she had been wanting to go but could not. He saw his chance and volunteered to bring her something back even though he was not going originally. The boy informed his uncle that he needed money for the trip to Araby and waited at home for his uncle to arrive. His uncle showed up late at night, but the boy still made it, just in time before they started to close. Time passes as he waits to buy something for Mangan’s sister, but in the end, doesn’t buy anything and now it is too late to buy a gift. He is now frustrated and realizing that his love for this girl will never be anything more than in his head. The story of “A Rose for Emily” is about a town that pitied a woman all her life because she was always doing something that caught their attention. The house that her father and her inherited belonged to her great aunt, who was portrayed as crazy. Her father always seemed to think that no man was

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