The Love Of My Life

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Not many people, not even some of my close friends, know about the scrambled up story of what you would call my life. Going from my parents splitting when I was a toddler, and me living in nine different houses by the age of fifteen, to my father's devastating passing once I was fourteen and now living with my busy, loving, but greatly stressed out mother of five, that juggles two separate jobs. Although, everyone that does know me, knows that I am a big bundle of joy that loves to spread happiness and smiles. I believe that no matter what happens to you, you can still be happy.
Shortly after my mother and father met they got married on the fourth of July, my father’s favorite holiday, of 1998. In the new century, on March 31st, 2000, they received me. I don't remember much of my toddler years except the fact that I would never let my daddy brush my hair and I always wanted to cuddle mommy. Once I turned two I started to realize that mommy and daddy didn't actually get along very well. I got jumbled up between them and thrown from house to house, always clinching on to the one I was leaving. I found out that my mother was dating another woman. It was odd to me, I had never seen something like that and I was confused as to why my mom didn't want to be with my dad. They eventually divorced. I didn't really like my mom’s girlfriend at the time, she was like a bully to me; we are okay now, we have fun we are together. Then one day, my mom’s partner started to grow a belly;

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