The Mainstream Supply Chain Management

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The question requires us to critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of mainstream supply chain management with the help of other critical frameworks of GSCs. This essay question will be answered by overall analyzing the Mainstream Supply Chain (MSC) as introduced and researched by one of the most notable authors on the topic and these strengths and weaknesses shall be further assessed with other frameworks of GSCs known as the critical supply chain management, Global Commodity Chain (GCC) and Global Production Network (GPN). All these various frameworks of GSC show the detailed researches carried out by different authors shows how each framework depicts its prescriptions regarding their respective frameworks and how they differ from their characteristics from one other.

In its very essence, GSC refers to a phenomenon stemming from rising integration of the world market (Globalization) and the growing disintegration of the production processes (outsourcing and offshoring). The framework in question of GSCs is the mainstream supply chain. This supply chain can be best defined by the quote, “The management of upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers in order to deliver superior customer value at less cost to the supply chain as a whole” (Christopher). The framework of mainstream supply chain primarily aims to deliver value for its customers at a lesser cost. This can be done by achieving competitive advantage over the production of its
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