The Management Of A Small Institution

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The origins of LJMU began with the establishment of a small institution which aimed to help provide educational opportunities for the working people of Liverpool. The Liverpool Mechanics Institute was founded by those with wealth, power, and influence and by those who recognised the importance of education. These pioneers also understood the impact that learning could have on individuals future career aspirations, which in turn lead to the continued improvement of communities and on society as a whole. This small movement was followed with the creation of numerous Institutes, including; the Liverpool Institute and School Art, the Liverpool Nautical College, and in 1900 Irene Mable Marsh opened the IM Marsh campus to the public. These…show more content…
This was the location in which I conducted the majority of my research in order to gather the relevant data. Specific rooms in libraries at LJMU were also used when recording observations and preparing notes for my study. Literature Review Some of the initial ideas and founding features for the five factor model were theorised by numerous different researchers. Researchers believe that the number of personality traits can be reduced to five major factors, hence the “Big Five” and all other personality traits can be placed within each of the five major factors. These beliefs were first brought about by the findings of Fiske (1949) who was conducting a study in-order to gather supporting evidence for Cattell’s 12 personality factors (Cattell, 1943; 1945a, b), which eventually became part of his 16 Personality Factors (16PF) questionnaire (Cattell et al., 1970). Initially Fiske was trying to collect supporting data for Cattell’s 12 personality factors though he instead found support for five factors, this started an explosion of research throughout the 1980’s and 90’s which continued to provide supporting evidence for the five major factors. Since there were a number of researchers trying to theorise their own personality models based around five factors there seems to be some variance in the names provided for each of the personality traits, however, the acronym OCEAN is widely used
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