The Many Drawbacks Of Homeschooling

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The Many Drawbacks of Homeschooling Carole Kennedy, a principal at a school in Columbia, Missouri, talks about how time and time again she has seen many bright young children turn into lazy and poor students when they decided to turn to homeschooling. Carole specifically remembers a young boy who used to go to public school. He had some behavioral problems and his parents constantly received calls from school. She said that eventually the parents grew sick of dealing with the student’s problems at school and decided to withdraw him from public school to teach him at home. All of the child’s former friends had heard that at home he did very little work. This has happened to many children over the years (Pfleger 55). Most children would …show more content…

Most parents do not want their children pressured into making bad decisions that will hurt them later in life. Religion also plays a key role in a parent’s decision to keep their children home from public schooling. “Families from diverse backgrounds resort to homeschooling because they are dissatisfied with the quality or content of public schools” (Lines 21). A family that revolves heavily around religion would not be happy with the lack of religious studies in public school. Public schooling also poses difficulties if a family lives in the military and must constantly move around from place to place. In some cases, to just keep a child home proves easier. Many people argue that their children are safer in home schools than in public schools in the wake of all the recent school shootings as well.
Public schooling demonstrates effectiveness and efficiency. Homeschooled parents like to point out that public schools do not have a specific learning program for every child. While it might appear that public schools use broad learning techniques, they actually “have been refined for decades to supply the best possible teaching to the vast majority of all students” (Hudak 41). Though it may appear that these teaching styles do not cover a student’s specific learning style; the schools supplement them with special programs like the Gifted and Talented program. These

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