The Marketing Strategy Of Business Strategy

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The research program started in 1984 by MIT Sloan School of Management studies the influence of IT on organization (Morton, 1991). Results include IT application needs changes in organizational and management structure as well as organizations are required to go through necessary transformation to compete globally. That findings lead to the MIT90S framework. Another study looked at the IT’s responsiveness to business strategy creation (Tan, 1995). Here, the responsiveness is defined as the degree to which information technology is exactly considered in the formulation of business strategy. The key finding is that the prospector business strategy is more IT-strategy responsiveness than analyser and defender. In other words, IT is more integrated to the business strategy in company which pay more attention to innovation in products than company operate in a stable product market. From these two studies, it can be concluded that IT is enabling huge revolution in the way work is done.
In this report, it will first go through a brief literature review of the two strategic models. The one is conventional model of strategic dynamics, and the other is MIT strategic model of change and fit. Secondly, it will analysis the strengths and weakness of both models, with reference to Japanese manufacturing sector and UK health care sector. Finally, it would use typical business examples to illustrate the two models again. The cases introduced there are Tesco, PRIMIS and Toyota.

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