The Marketing Strategy Of Wrigley

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Against the problem of decline in market share, developing a set of marketing strategies has become a crucial way for Wrigley to generate more leads in India. In the business-to-business(B2B) market, value proposition is essential for every firm to craft its marketing strategy. In addition to the financial benefit, conveying intensely better and sustainable value to business buyers has been another major intention of Wrigley. Various value-based marketing strategies shall be examined as follows.

To begin with, a lean approach to product leadership is the marketing strategy which occupied by Wrigley. They remain a continuous pursuit on product innovation and advancements in technology (Singhvi & Gera, 2013). As Wrigley delivers value to business …show more content…

As Khanna(as cite in Singhvi & Gera, 2013), the company strive to meet the evolving needs of consumers by creating excitement. Wrigley India intends to target various segments through product customization. They provide tailor-made market offerings such as launching new brand “Doublemint” to target at youth audience, “Orbit” for adults and “Boomer” for children. This kind of customer-oriented practice not only can increase the penetration of gum market in a large extent, but also build the positive brand equity. Mudambi(2002) recognized that branding would be a key in B2B decision making. From the B2B marketing perspective, the organizational buyers would be more likely to perceive the product represents a good branding behind if their needs are fulfilled with customization. The company’s overall brand identity has been the usual concern for industrial buyers rather than the specific market offering they want to purchase (Bendixena, Bukasaa & Abrattb, 2004). By matching the organization resources, skills and capabilities with particular customer needs, the company is more capable to fulfil commitments in order to deliver great value to customer firms. With a close relationship with customers within the distribution channel, it is more efficient for Wrigley to anticipate its changes and competence, which eventually capture more market

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