The Masters Of Business Planning

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Germans are known for being the masters of business planning, an attribute reflected in their strict adherence to the set business rules and regulations, resulting in lack of flexibility in their attitudes and values. Germans do not like surprises. Any uncalled for changes in the way of conducting business transactions may be unwelcomed even if those changes are to improve profitability. They do not appreciate humor in the context of business (Roland Berger 14). Germany has major business partnership with several countries throughout the globe. It is also the most powerful single trader in the European Union. Everyone look to be active at work or in business. As a result, tough competition exists between many companies that produce and sell identical goods and services (World Business Culture). When doing business in Germany, it is essential to appreciate that business etiquette is of great importance to your German counterparts. Germany is a strongly individualistic nation. The people demand the utmost respect at all times. Everyone has the highest of standards and expect others to demonstrate so. Any unethical behavior will seriously diminish all future business negotiations (Wilson 23). One can help guarantee business success with the German citizens when they are knowledgeable about the peoples’ culture and expectations in country as well as the scenarios in which they are significant. It is advisable to act appropriately whenever possible to improve the chances of being
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