The Mathematics Of Math By William Shakespeare 's ' Pi Day, And The Intricacy Of The Binary Bird

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As the subject of math attempts to explain perpetually complex disputes, the study of math, in and of itself, is an infinite equation that is endlessly in need of a distinct answer. Arduously seeking convoluted questions and answering with lively responses, Vi Hart ceaselessly ventures through each complex gap between circular, colorful candy buttons, each discrepancy in the declaration of “Pi Day,” and the intricacy of the binary bird tree transversal. With simple household items as her sophisticated arithmetic “gadgets,” Vi tells students how to eat colorful candy buttons, why “Pi Day” is not really what it seems and displaying that the pronunciation to an unexpected Thanksgiving dish of “turduckenailailenailailduckenailailenailail” is, in fact, mathematical in the system of naming this mosaic of many fowl. Vivaciously vetoing the view that numerical calculations should be confined to a classroom, Vi races against the grain, calculates how to be freed from the manacles of common analytical society and resolves daily enigmas that are latent within the woodworking of cryptic existence. Dawning upon the mathematical horizons of time, “Pi Day,” of last year, was seen as the geometric day of the century as March 14, 2015, or 3/14/15, morphed into the irrationally ubiquitous representation of pi, 3.1415... ;however, Vi Hart refutes this declaration on account of several discrepancies. Within her video, “Anti-Pi Rant, 3/14/15,” Vi claims that in some cultures, where the…
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