The Meaning Of Globalization And Sustainable Development

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In this paper, I aim to present conceptually the meaning of globalization and sustainable development. The purpose of this paper is to utilize the three pillars of sustainable development (economy, society and environment) to explain the significance of sustainable development as an approach in a globalized world. A critical literature review on the multidisciplinary literature from the first four weeks of this unit is thoroughly studied in order to get a clear understating of the existing issues, tensions and synergies regarding globalization and sustainable development. Moreover, underlying the fact that there’s conflict between ecological balances and increasing demand for economic growth (Byrne & Glover, 2002), this paper also highlights the ways in which globalization can be sustained.
Literature on Globalization and Sustainable Development
Contemporary literature reveals that globalization continues to gain widespread popularity in the political and business world (Yeung, 2015) because of its ability to encompass the diverse set of economic, political and cultural processes (Kelly, 1999). Despite of its popularity, the literature on globalization remains highly ambiguous and chaotic (Jessop 1999, as cited in Yeung 2015). As (Byrne & Glover, 2002) suggest that meaning of globalization differ from scholars to scholars, to one analyst, it may present a way to promote economic growth and cultural exchange (Bryan & Farrell, 1996; Thurow, 1999, as cited in Byrne & Glover,

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