The Meaning of Diversity

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The true meaning of valuing diversity is to respect and enjoy a wide range of cultural and individual differences, thereby including everybody,” according to Andrew J. DuBrin. People are being discriminated because of how they differ from others. A person who had a different color of skin would be treated unfairly. A person who had a sexual interest to the opposite sex would be bullied. A person who had a different way of religion would be teased. People in a diversity group would be expected of others, and people would treat them differently. However, there are people who have worked for greater diversity in American and World history. The true meaning of diversity is to respect our and others’ similarities and differences.
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Department of Education in Washington D.C., reported that nearly one in three students between the ages of 12 and 18 were bullied in school according to the article, “Bullying”. Bullying can happen often at school, and can lead to teasing also. According to the article, the results of bullying are serious. Studies have found that bullying may cause depression, absenteeism, poor academic performance, or all of these. Students who are bullied may feel that there is no way out and may harm themselves”. Stereotypes are hurtful, and bullying is harmful. Bullying or teasing can occur because of stereotypes or prejudice. Sadly, teen suicide can also occur from bullying. “A Yale School of Medicine study of children in 13 countries (2008) found signs of a connection between bullying, being bullied, and suicide,” according to the article “Bullying.”
In conclusion, others’ should recognize their similarities not their differences. The official definition of diversity is the state of being different. Diversity means accepting a variety of peoples’ characteristics to me. I believe others can deal with diversity if they learn to accept it. Racism, sexual orientation, and religion are three important groups of diversity. People like Harvey Milk and Martin Luther King Jr. have worked for people to love others for who they are. They want people to see others differently. Kids should be comfortable in an environment even if they differ from others. Bullying and stereotypes are

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