The Medical Field, Dentistry And School Nursing

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There are many different careers available in the medical field, including dentistry and school nursing. Dentists work with patients to fix and help maintain the health of their teeth and school nurses work with other educators and children to help with injuries and teach proper techniques of being healthy. While they are both a part of the medical field, dentists and school nurses are very different, including the requirements for entering the field, job responsibilities, and work environments. To become a dentist, one must go through many years of schooling and pass an exam. The person must get an undergraduate degree, preferably in a science such as: biology, chemistry, or another major with the required math and science classes. That…show more content…
Nurses and dentists require many of the same qualities to be successful in their careers. They must both have good interpersonal skills, which include patience and understanding. They must be good at communicating with their patients and the people they work with (“Doctors of Oral”). They have to be easily adaptable when working with others and working alone. Both dentists and school nurses have to have good leadership qualities when dealing with other people in their offices. A large knowledge base is necessary for being prepared for many different situations that can occur (Careers 172). The ability to be calm in emergency situations is vital when working with children, whether as a dentist or school nurse (DeGrandpre). School nurse’s jobs range from treating patients to dealing with other educators. "The International Council of Nurses states that the function of nursing is fourfold- to promote health, prevent illness, restore health, and alleviate suffering" ("Nursing").They attend to students and teachers injuries, along with anyone else on campus who may get hurt (“Nursing” 816). School nurses also attend meetings with other educators. They give presentations and teach students and educators the proper techniques for being healthy. Another part of being a school nurse is doing paperwork and keeping records (Careers 171). Record keeping can include each child 's immunizations, heights, weights, vision and hearing. School nurses also develop and

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