The Mental Disease That Causes Mental Deterioration But What 's Dementia?

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Dementia is one mental disease that causes mental deterioration but what’s dementia? Dementia is a collection of symptoms including memory loss, personality change, and impaired intellectual functions that result from disease or trauma to the brain. These changes can affect someone’s daily living. You can figure out if someone is suffering this disease by pay attention to the way they communicate, someone suffering from dementia will complain of memory loss if only if asked, will get lost in familiar places, may behave in socially inappropriate ways. There are some ways you can try to prevent this disease for example you should start a regular exercise routine, including cardio and strength training may reduce the …show more content…

We are not going to be able to follow directions so it 's going to be hard to visit a family if we don 't know where they live and we have to follow directions there 's gonna be a big possibility that we might end up getting lost. Also sometimes we will not recognize or be confused about family members.

When it comes to pay bill we will most likely forget when is the payment going to be due and when you don’t pay the day the payment is due you will have to pay a fee for not paying on time. Mental deterioration is not going to be easy to go through, some people get older and they are healthy physically and mentally you probably wonder how they do that. There are some ways that can keep your body and brain healthy. The best way to try to prevent mental deterioration is by working out so we better start working out soon before it’s too late. There was a case of a fourteen year old boy with bipolar disorder, autism who had brand name to generic olanzapine switch associated with rapid deterioration of his mental state. There should be more caution when switching from brand name to generic medications are made especially when using medications off label, in extremes of age.

There had been some studies that talk about people who like smoke. The studies show that people who quit smoking experience improved mental health after they stopped smoking and other people who quit got worse mental health.

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