The Mental Model Of Donnie Vincent 's Life

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1a. Donnie Vincent’s emotions and values closely resemble those of myself and members of my family. His emotions for hunting and outdoors are positive. He said it is very rewarding, both physically and mentally. He feels emotions of joy and excitement even when just thinking about it and preparing for the season. He describes a strong emotion each fall being in the places he loves, he can feel it in his blood. His mental model is more than likely complex compared to a distanced person. Because of his lifestyle he has received education regarding hunting, population dynamics, and healthy food. The parts and relationships of his models include similar things to many of the NRM students such as hunting, fishing, food, family, excitement, …show more content…

The hills social hunters have these reasons to hunt as well, but the time spent with friends and family is most important to them. Where Donnie’s mental model is more complex and understanding because of education; the black hills hunters didn’t really know much about why the population was low and the agency wanted to educate them. This would lead their mental models to be variable between each other and not all of them agreeing. Outdoor activity of any kind can be beneficial to your biophilia, which is fulfilled by Donnie’s activities and the activities of the social hunters. On the contrary, it is also possible that Donnie has a stronger biophilia since he feels the need to be in his favorite natural places. The social hunters of the hills could be satisfied just by being around friends and family even though not being specifically in the outdoors connecting with nature. Their wildlife value orientations are more than likely similar without much contrast. Utilitarian and some pluralist ideas and beliefs resemble Donnie and the social hunters. The social hunters may want more deer for more opportunities, while Donnie might rather have fewer healthy animals. Other than this the norms between the two are quite similar.

2. Aldo Leopold’s land ethic is as relevant today as it was when he wrote it, and it still will be one hundred years from now. This is because it’s quite simple, even though it involves

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