The Method Observed Was The Direct Method

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Maggie Berti LLL 690 Direct Method analysis
The method observed was the Direct Method. The teacher spoke Catalan (the target language) from the very first moment she arrived in class greeting the students with the words ‘bona tarda’. First, she started the lesson by writing on the blackboard ‘parts del dia’, ‘el matí’, ‘la tarda’ and ‘la nit’. In order to explain the meaning of such words she showed the gesture of waking up and then she turned on and off the light of the room twice. The teacher continued to explain the meaning of the words with drawings on the blackboard: a sun next to the word ‘sol’, a star next to the word ‘estrella’, a moon next to the word ‘lluna’ and a cloud next to the word ‘núvols’. Second, she opened a book and read the first two lines. To explain the meaning of what was just read she moved around the classroom and illustrated verbs trough actions. For example, to explain the word ‘perdre’ (to lose) she acted as she was looking for something around the room. Next she asked the students, again in the target language, to read aloud a couple of sentences one by one. After each student read the teacher used gestures and pictures to explain what was written in the text. In order to explain the word ‘país’ she made an example in Catalan using students personal factors: ‘Italia es un país’. While reading the book she showed images that represented what was happening in the story; each line had a different image that helped with
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