The Mission Statement Of The Healthy Marriage Initiatives

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Healthy Marriage Initiative

“To help couples, who have chosen marriage for themselves, gain greater access to marriage education services, on a voluntary basis, where they can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain a healthy marriage” (“Healthy Marriage Initiative”, 2012). This is the Healthy Marriage Initiatives Mission statement. As part of Welfare reform, President George W. Bush implemented the Healthy Marriage Initiative. It was enacted to address the growing issues low-income families have been facing for decades, including social problems that affect both children and the parent. This paper will address the background, implementation, oversight, cost, and outcomes of the Healthy Marriage Initiative.
A little background, from 1935 to 1996 a federal assistance program managed by The Department of Health and Human Services, called Aid to Families with Dependent Children(AFDC) provided assistance to the children of low-income families. Initially, the program was restricted to white women, but after some adjustment, the government graciously (insert sarcasm) permitted people of color to claim the benefit. As time went on, officials (and citizens) felt it was encouraging women to become single mothers and avoid joining the workforce. These concerns led to the development of The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996(PRWORA), Under this act, AFDC was replaced by the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

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