The Most Amazing TV Programme: The Simpson´s Essay

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Most amazing TV programme!
Have you ever imagined watching the most hilarious animated sitcom? Do you want experience the most amusing TV programme TV programme? Then, you should watch “The Simpson`s” because it is the most ideal programme for you.
Have you ever watched “The Simpson’s”?
If you have you watched it, than you should know that “The Simpson’s” is an amazing, funny and hilarious TV programme which is watched by millions in the UK & US in the daily basic. The total running time of ““The Simpson’s” ’s” is 20-24 minute per episodes so, if you haven’t watched it, just go on your browser and type to watch online or watch live on channel 4 at 4.30pm Monday-Friday or sky 1 at random times . Surprisingly, …show more content…

And their pet name is Santa's Little Helper and Snowball 2. Interesting, “The Simpson’s” is different to any other sitcom because they deal with serious issue like human For example Lisa and Bart have to deal with Bulling at school and Homer with money to pay moorage so he go to the work to earn money.
Do you know why most people like to watch “The Simpson’s”?
Most people enjoy watching “The Simpson’s” because it is a hilarious and comedy programme which will make you laugh or smile. It will make you laugh because characters in “The Simpson’s” do funny and silly activity like sleeping in job and which will put them in trouble. My favourite part is “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” and it was Christmas special and it was hilarious and my funny bit was when Bart Simpson created this song “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile broke its wheel, the Joker got awa-aah!” and it’s awesome and I can’t stop laughing and I also started to sing this alternate lyrics about batman.
Reason why should you watch this TV programme?
Educational, interesting and entertaining: This programme entertaining and interesting TV programme which will make you laugh loud. “The Simpson’s” is a spectacular sitcom that has been on out screens for over fifteen spectacular year which is here if long time for an animated sitcom, but then we ask ourselves the question “how do they do it?”
Do you think you will watch

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