The Most Beautiful And Greatest Musical Works Of The 20th Century

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On November 2, I was delighted to attend “Solemn Mass for the Dead on the Feast of All Souls” at St. James Cathedral. Now I still feel highly honored to hear Maurice Duruflé’s Requiem—one of the most beautiful and greatest musical works of the 20th century. As an international student from China and have no religion belief, it’s totally brand new and unusual experience for me to have this special chance to open my eyes widely to see the magnificent church. This opportunity is of great benefit to me to learn Catholic Church and acquaintance with religious faith.
What I saw at St. James is the first person lifted the cross with corpus hang on it. Following on are the younger disciples held lighted candles. Then the elder disciples held book in their hand. All of them hanged the cross necklace in front of their chest and wore white cloth. The cardinal bishop stood in the middle praise God. In the Mass Eucharist, they gave us bread and wine which represented body and blood of Christ, our Lord and God .We also follow the group to ignite incense in the altar. In addition, chandeliers suspended from the ceiling illuminated the holy and sacred church. Both sides of church placed saint scriptures, such as blessed Mary and Jesus. I was shocked by elegant and fancy decoration in the grand and gorgeous church. The 70 member of choir sang hymns with orchestra accompaniment.

What I heard at St. James is the Catholic choir and chamber orchestra sang the psalms to praise and glorify…
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