The Most Important Aspect Of Communication

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We’ve been roommates for almost a whole semester now, and we haven’t run into a single problem! This is probably because we’re both currently taking interpersonal communication classes, and try our best to apply the lessons to our real life relationships. Although my class uses projects to challenge our knowledge, I know your class takes tests, so I’m going to help you review in this letter! In my opinion, the most important aspect of communication is the way we manage different types of relationships. In the following paragraphs, I’ll help you review topics such as why various relationship types matter, how we form them, and what distinguishes them from each other by using examples from television shows we watch together. Although all relationships are social to some degree, the most obviously social relationship to me is the one between friends. According to Roy Baumeister, we all have an innate need to form and maintain interpersonal relationships, which is called the need to belong. To fulfil this need, we seek out friendships in various social contexts to help us feel like we are part of a community. For example, In the television show New Girl, Jess and Cece became friends in elementary school because they were both shy and felt that we didn’t belong to any certain group. However, they wouldn’t have become friends if we were not also attracted to one another. Although attraction can be physical, it can also be social or task related. When people are attracted to each

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