The Movie, Miracle, is about the 1980's U.S. Olympic Miracle on Ice

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One of the wins was against the powerhouse, Soviet Union in the medal round. The Soviets had won the past 6 winter Olympics in hockey which is why the victory is called The miracle on ice.

Herb Brooks at the time was the head coach at the University of Minnesota. He is interviewed by the United States Olympic committee in Colorado Springs. He is chosen for the job and holds tryouts for the roster. There is 26 spots on the roster but Herb Brooks only takes 20 and after only one day of tryouts. Most of the players are from the University of Minnesota and Boston University, a college hockey rivalry. The first day of practice, a couple of players get in a fist fight about the rivalry. Coach Brooks asked the players to tell their name, hometown and who they play for. The team travels to Norway for a game which ended in a 3-3 draw, Brooks heard his players talking about a blonde girl in the stands. He then made his players skate across the ice many times and for hours after the game. The players were exhausted and all curled up, all of them vomiting, Mike Eruzione screamed as he was out of breath “ Mike Eruzione, Winthrop, Massachusetts” he was running out of breath when he was stopped by Brooks who said back “Who do you play for?” Eruzione screamed “ The United…

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