Katniss Hero's Journey

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In every hero’s journey I’ve read in the past, the heroes are always the male character and there were never any females that were a hero/heroine. Joseph Campbell talked a little bit about the heroine, who is a female hero, and most people do not believe that women can be heroes. The first thing that caught my attention in The Hunger Games movie series was the main character and hero, Katniss Everdeen. She was a great example of a hero. She embodies the definition of a hero by the sense of the word; she was not only a great fighter in front of a strong male but she also volunteered to take the place of her little sister who was chosen in the first place. This was an act of heroic self-sacrifice. One of the main roles of the game was to be the sole survivor, but Katniss sacrificed her chance of winning only to save Peeta, whom she developed love for during the game. The actions displayed by Katniss align with Joseph Campbell’s ideal of a hero; “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” On multiple occasions Katniss exemplifies this version of a hero. Katniss answers the call to adventure when her little sister, Primrose, was chosen for the reaping. At that moment, Katniss took charge of the situation and volunteered to take her sister’s place a tribute for District 12. During the final moments that she had with her family, she refused the death sentence that the hunger games offered and promised to return home to her

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