The Music Of The Children 's Chorus Of Crane ( Ccc )

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I love music and I have dedicated a lot of my time to what I love. I have been in the Children’s Chorus of Crane (CCC), played piano, and been in the Clarkson Golden Knotes a cappella group. From all of these musical experiences, I learned to become a better musician. I learned that the benefit of producing music outweighs the time and dedication I must put into it. I have experienced the satisfaction of performing music for other’s enjoyment. These are talents I will be able to take with me forever.

When I was younger, I was in the CCC from 3rd grade to 10th grade. I learned dedication. I was only nine years old when I started singing in the choir once a week for two hours straight. I learned what was expected at a very formal concert. …show more content…

Golden Knotes met twice a week, two hours each practice. I learned grew both musically and as member of a student-organized club. I learned how student leadership works and how the atmosphere of a college clubs.
Although I am not very religious, I attended the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton starting in 2nd grade. This year I was much less active, but I still kept in touch with the church youth group. I take to heart the U.U. church principles. The seven principles overlap the values I have been taught at home, and that LRCS practices. I also admire how religion can bring people of all ages into one caring community. I value the connections I have made and the members of the church have been very supportive of me.
My strong support system is the main reason I feel prepared to graduate high school and begin college. –family and friends
My family has been nothing but supportive, loving, and caring. They taught me the value of love from a young age. My parents taught me right from wrong, and my sister taught me to hold my temper. These three people are my mentors, my family, and my best friends.
I have been extremely lucky, I have become very close to my small circle of friends. I am graduating with Nora Bradford and Gwen Smith, two of my longest lasting friendships. I also have stayed best friends with Sarah Rivers, and most recently, I was luck enough to

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