The Musical Style Of The Baroque Period

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The time period of 1600-1760 is known as the Baroque. The term “Baroque” is derived from the Portuguese “barroco” which is used to describe an irregularly shaped pearl. The word was synonymous with absurd, irregular, and extravagant before being applied to this time period of music (Anderson 7). I decided to research this time period because after listening to music from a wide range of time periods, I found the music of the Baroque period to be most appealing. Therefore, I thought it worthy to study the time period that was of the most interest to me. There is something about the sound of the primitive orchestra, the harpsichord, and the solo concertos found within this time period that just are extremely pleasing to listen too. In addition, I found a wide range of information and resources in the library on the Baroque period, which also helped the decision to write this research article about it. The musical style of the Baroque period was shaped by many sociocultural trends and movements such as the counter-reformation, the proselytizing of the Jesuits, and political instability of Europe due to many conflicts and wars. One of the biggest events that shaped music of the Baroque period was the counter-reformation. This was the revival of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe that was stimulated by the opposition to many church practices and doctrines that were proclaimed by Protestant Christians during the Reformation. The ideas of the counter-reformation were

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