The Native American Dream

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What a beautiful dream, thank you so much for sharing it with me! I could feel your serenity and wonder while reading your dream. Perhaps, you were visiting a past life. My gut is saying that it is more of a present spiritual dream regarding where you are today and where you are headed. The Native American man and woman could also be your guides. Let’s begin with the interpretation.
The Native Americans represent spirituality that is more Earth based and your inner free, natural self. Your contentment throughout the dream shows that you are more comfortable with this type of spirituality than mainstream religion.
I wasn’t sure who Gregory Cruz is, so I Googled him to see what he looked like, and it would seem your subconscious mind associates him with Native Americans. He is also represented your inner male side. What I find interesting is both the belt/necklace and cloak went shoulders, which means two things to
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Who really wants that? Most people would rather stay with people that they connect with and that was shown by you wanting to stay in the happiness of the tribe. Alas, that is not reality in the physical plane. The sun blinding you could be showing you it was time to move on. Or it was spiritual energy coming to you. “They are both and remember that you can reach this state anytime you want. Just close your eyes and meditate,” my guides added. I hope this interpretation helps to keep you motivated on your path.
Some of you may think that everything occurs in our waking and dream life is spiritual and I cannot argue with you because in a sense it is. What makes spiritual dreams stand out is there could be a spiritual characters, like the Native Americans and Goddesses dream examples. In spiritual dreams you will be afraid to do something, yet will go through the experience. The last element of these dreams are that you will be leaving one chapter to advance to the next level in your
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