The Nativity Story And The Gospel Of Matthew

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The film The Nativity Story shares many similarities with the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew was writing for the Jews, so his Gospel focuses primarily on Jesus being the messiah because he fulfills the prophecies. His Gospel also focuses on the paternal side of Jesus’s birth, since Joseph being from the line of David connects Jesus to the Old Testament Covenant with David. In the film, Joseph’s perception of the events at had is often portrayed. Showing the story through his eyes. We also get insight into is his thoughts on occasions, which furthers the films parallels to the Gospel of Matthew. Within Matthew’s Gospel, there are five key details used to connect the birth of Jesus to the Old Testament prophecies, all of which appear in the film.
First, the film begins and ends with the massacre of innocents, the first key detail. This slaughter of innocents was ordered by Herod as a way of preserving his throne. He was worried that the king of kings was coming to end him, and he wanted to ensure that his throne was safe. He is the second detail. This slaughter of innocents is what caused Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt, the third key detail. Just like in the Bible, God spoke to Joseph in a dream, telling him to take his family and flee to Egypt, only returning when he was instructed. Had Joseph not done this, Jesus may not have survived to save us from our sins. Next in the film comes the wise men, the fourth detail. These wisemen come from the east, showing the

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