The Nature And Nature Of Intelligence And Abnormality Under The Developmental And Cognitive Psychology

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The aim of my assignment is to confirm the understanding of the nature and nurture debate in regards to intelligence and abnormality under the developmental and cognitive Psychology. The research will demonstrate an understanding of the discipline and key theoretical perspectives in Psychology explaining some of the principles like PsychodynamismPsychodynamic, Behaviourism, Biological, Cognitive, Humanistic psychology . In the study of development, nature refers to the inherited (genetic) characteristics and tendencies that influence development. ( Rotvbhbart, Ahadi, & Evans, 2000; D. C. Rowe, Almeida & Jacobson, 1999) Some inherited characteristics appear in virtually …show more content…

Nature and nurture as primary factors for human development cannot be overemphasiszed in example; Watson (1924) came out devised a study when where Little Albert B., a healthy, stolid 9-month-old baby, was shown a live rat, a rabbit, a dog, and a monkey. He showed no fear. But he cried when a researcher struck a hammer against a steel bar. Watson and Rayner then made a clanging sound each time the boy touched the rat. After seven such pairings, Albert cried and avoided the animal—, even when there was no loud noise. In fact, days later, he showed fear when he saw the rat, the rabbit, the dog, a sealskin coat. He also had a “negative” response to a bearded Santa Claus mask and the hair on Watson’s head
As the months went on, young Albert didn 't cry consistently at the sight of the white rat. So the researchers let the animal crawl against the child 's chest. Watson and Rayner reported: "He first began to fret and then covered his eyes with both hands."
Thus describes one of the classic experiments in psychology, often cited in oversimplified form in Psychology textbooks to prove how conditioning can modify human emotional behaviour
Further evidence that supports the fact that nature and nurture are pivotal in the development of humankind can be seen in the account of Genie Wiley.
She spent almost her entire childhood locked in a bedroom, isolated and abused for over a decade. Genie 's case was one of the first to put the

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