The Nature Of Science, Agriculture Practices, Fracking And Irrigation Practices

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Human beings are very fortunate to be living on Earth. Even though humans get everything we need from these precious lands, we always feel that we have to modify it. Reshaping our world to make it more suitable for individuals is not the way to go. Humans have the desire for scientific process, and are driven to make the world a better place; though in reality, the outcomes of our environment and our selves say otherwise. Our ways of science, agriculture practices, fracking and irrigation practices, ways of mining, inventions of plastics, and even our advancement in technology is leading us to the consequences of not only hurting our species, but our environment as a whole. People believe that mankind will learn to utilize Earth’s …show more content…

It is a living thing, a celebration of human fallibility” (Thomas 304). Our discovery of science has changed over the years. At first it was seen as a systematic study of nature, but it has now come to a point where our source of inspiration has become abused, and it 's taking a toll on our home. Scientific advancement plays a major role to the reason why our world has become greedy and wealthy. For example: fossil fuels, pollution, greenhouse gasses, advance weaponry (nuclear), and even modern technology is destroying the environment we live in. None of the examples were apparent in nature, until man mistreated the original uses of science. This proves that science is politics, and it is shaped by ideological plan by the user (science is a technique). We must prevent the misuses of science, because it is too late to stop progressing and go back to living in nature. Our misuse of science lead to the technique of hydraulic mining, which was used for the quest of gold in Sacramento, where these companies used enormous water cannons, called “monitors”, to annihilate large hills and small mountains. Once gold is removed, left over detritus found their way to the streams, which then flows into the larger waterways to the Sacramento River, that supplied a portion of the water. This resulted in the Sacrament River carrying too much silt, which was hazardous for the people to consume. This later caused floods in Sacramento to occur, which the

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