The Negative Effects Of Procrastination

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What is something that just seems to be apart of our human nature, our generic code, something that is now considered an inescapable trait of life? Sure you can fit “death” into this description, or other dreadful things; like paying taxes, college loans or typing essays, but the one thing you should be thinking of is procrastination. In the dictionary it is defined as “the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention” (Dictionary 1). This has gone pass a habit and has even become more of a psychological disorder, because everyone procrastinates; but not everyone is actually a procrastinator. Procrastinators struggle through completing a task head-on, and the act could…show more content…
None of these types pertain to being lazy but in Ana Swanson’s Washington Post article “The real reason you Procrastinate” she mentions how “for many people, procrastination are a strong and mysterious force that keeps them from completing the most urgent and important tasks in their lives” (Swanson 2). This concept can be extremely relatable among many college students, since they are introduced to a whole new environment and way of life that they must learn to adapt and tackle head on. For example, John Tierney, a New York Times author explains that students spend about a third of the day procrastinating and particularly young men (Tierney 1). The act of procrastinating may seem like an unstoppable force placed on earth, but they are ways around a habit. Many would pay their values to the habit, actually calling procrastination “helpful”. But while this could be true, we are talking about the majority rather the minority of people who actually enjoy procrastinating. This brings up the next topic where we explain the many effects that procrastinating can hold, and particularly we will be focusing on the many negatives that of course outweigh the “positives”. As mentioned previously, the vast majority of people do procrastinate and mainly prevalent in college students, where leaving an assignment for the next day is
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