The Negative Impacts Of Social Media, Technology And Privacy

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Social media and technology play major roles today. For example, we use technology and social media to connect with one another and attain knowledge. While these advancements have helped improve our quality of life, there are a multitude of negative aspects that come alongside today’s technology. There are countless of victims who have had to go through issues dealing with privacy and securing personal data. These negative factors can cause personal harm, such as, the loss of personal information and the manipulation of firsthand assets. We are connected to numerous websites and applications that have our personal information on their records. These applications are not always secure as we would hope they would be. For example, I have had issues in the past with my PlayStation account being hacked. I enjoy playing a variety of games which I buy through the PlayStation Store while having payment methods on file. I was locked out my out my personal account with my PayPal account information still logged on. When logged on my account, anything on the store can be purchased without anyone needing to know my PayPal account details. Purchases can be charged to my PayPal ranging from two dollars to more than two hundred dollars. When I was locked out of my PlayStation account, I was not sure who was on it and if they had bought anything at all. Per an article by The Guardian, “Sony has warned that the names, addresses and other personal data of about 77 million people with

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