The New Challenge Of Spatial Planning Essay

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The new challenge of spatial planning in UK---localism dilemmas

1. Introduction:
The planning system in England has been subject to dramatic shifts when the Coalition government was reselected after almost 70 years since 2010. (Gallent, Nick & Hamiduddin, Iqbal & Manuela Madeddu, 2013) This may be proved that the localism can have a significantly impact on urban planning or spatial area field especially after the Localism Bill was promoted and enacted in Parliament on November 2011. However, considerable of key questions had been raised with the implementation of Localism Act: what kind of impact the localist planning have on spatial area and whether it is a proper formation for the contemporary English spatial planning to practice localism. This assignment will try to find out what localism is and demonstrate the impact of localism in England. The aim of this assignment is not only to address these questions but also in purpose of assessing the advantages and disadvantages of localism to demonstrate the achievements that spatial planning can earn from the localism.

This paper will begin by focusing on the development of localism in England. It will then illustrate the spatial city planning in England. The third part will be comparison of the positive or negative influence the localism has on English spatial planning. The aim is to show whether it is appropriate framework for English planning system to promote localism. The following part will show the conclusion,

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