The New Generation's Views on Sex in Jean Twenge's Generation Me

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According to author and researcher Jean Twenge in her book Generation Me, this generation has very different views on sex. Many teens have no guidance from a responsible adult and so rely on the media. In this recent generation, responsibility is minimal. This generation often feels as if their actions have no consequences. This laidback attitude about sex can be fun, but very dangerous. Casual sex can be seen as the new trend among teens. Twenge goes on to say “’hooking up’ has replaced dating among many young people” (159). “Another new term is ‘friends with benefits’”, she says (160). These casual relationships often have a no strings attached policy. Many can argue that casual sex being seen on television is what can lead to it in teens. Many agree that the media does influence how Generation Me sees sex. TV and movies today are filled with sex. Entertainment today can basically define what a sexual relationship should be like. Twenge mentions that the media “portray teen sex as commonplace and relatively casual” (170). These days seeing popular characters in their favorite TV shows change sexual partners every two weeks can make it seem as if bed hopping is natural. Having casual partners may be seen like having playmates. Many activities teens find fun have to do with sex. As Twenge puts it, “Older adults may be surprised by the idea of sex as ‘recreation’” (168). Sex today is labeled as just fun. Being propositioned at prom by our dates is relatively normal. Back

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