The New York City Borough Of Manhattan

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Inwood is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is located on the northern tip of Manhattan Island. Inwood is a neighborhood surrounded by natural features physically bounded by the Harlem River to the north and east, the Hudson River to the west the Spuyten Duyvil Creek to the north, and the hills and ridges of Washington Heights to the south. It extends southward to Fort Tryon Park and alternatively Dyckman Street or Fairview Avenue farther south. Inwood is a vibrant community with a diverse residential population and thriving commercial corridors along Broadway, Dyckman Street, and West 207th Street. It is known for its tremendous parks and open spaces, which include Inwood Hill Park, the last natural growth …show more content…

Good health care for pregnant teenager begins with great satisfactory prenatal care, which begins in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Prenatal care is essential for monitoring the growth of the fetus and the health of the mother.
Teenage mothers and their babies face a number of health risks, as a result of emotional disorder, poverty, lack of resource, limited access to health care, and low quality of life style living, causing to birth babies born with low birth weight, health issues, and infant mortality as a result of living in poverty limits healthy lifestyle choices which makes it difficult to access health care and resources that can promote health and prevent illness. Unemployment and unaffordable housing are also associated with poverty and poor health, and because of this many teenage mothers have poor eating habits and are less likely to gain adequate weight during their pregnancy, leading to low birth weight. Low-birth weight babies are more likely to have organs that are not fully developed, which can result in complications, such as bleeding in the brain, respiratory distress syndrome, and intestinal problems. Teenage pregnant mothers are more likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or take drugs during pregnancy, which can cause health problems for the baby. In addition to health risks, children born to teenage mothers are more likely to experience social, emotional, and other problems. These problems may include Children born to

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