The New York City Council

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A bill is a proposed legislation that is brought to a legislative body. In the case of the New York City Council, the bill is introduced into the Council at a Stated Meeting and becomes a law after an intricate voting or vetoing process with the Council and the Mayor of New York City (“Legislative Process”). In the last year, many bills were passed by the New York City Council. While browsing through the list of bills passed in the last year, a bill in particular stood out to me – “Reducing city government emission of greenhouse gases by 40 percent by 2030,” as it is a bill that proposes a way to tackle climate change. The bill was dated to be on the agenda for October 15, 2015, and its co-sponsors are Donovan J. Richards, Costa G. Constantinides, Margaret S. Chin, Mathieu Eugene, Vincent J. Gentile, Corey D. Johnson, Peter A. Koo, Rosie Mendez, Annabel Palma, Deborah L. Rose, Andrew Cohen, and Ydanis A. Rodriguez. It proposes for the city government to have at least a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (“The New York City Council”).
Four months prior to the bill coming to the agenda of the New York City Council, Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. He presented new targets for greenhouse gas emissions for New York City and “urged other cities to follow suit.” Though he did not directly mention the proposal of the bill to the City Council, he announced at the Vatican that “the Big Apple was taking an interim step” by…

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