The New York 's Police Department

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Since the arrival of English settlements during the 16th and 17th centuries, early Colonial Americans societies established systems of normality and conformity that would eventually govern social behaviors. Law enforcement through the United States has been tasked with ensuring the protection of life and liberty, including that of personal properties. The populist of criminal behaviors tends to be a derivative of their geological locations coupled with opportunities, and in some cases, a demand that requires substances to fill. Different geographical localities will experience differ criminal activities within their jurisdiction. For example, New York’s Police Department would be heavily investigating criminally funded Organized Crime Enterprises, whereas, the Seattle Police Department would have a larger interest in the broad category of violent crime enforcement associated with Domestic Violence. Covering 3.79 million square miles, law enforcement from coast to coast will develop their department in which best serves their targeted criminal behaviors. What is evident within all law enforcement agencies is that cultural competence is pivotal to the department’s success and the increase of effective protective services and product delivery. Although departments are situated nationwide, will not encounter the same theoretical approach to community policing, however, this may be the approach that is needed in addressing the future of criminal activities. However, for the

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