The Night - Original Writing

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During the summer you can find the same scene on any Saturday night. I see an elderly man near the entrance setting behind a table covered with stacks of booklets. I can tell he is employed by the park by the dark green polo shirt and tan ball cap he is wearing. Even from a distance I can hear him shout, “Programs! Get your programs. Three dollars!” As a middle aged man wearing a dark t-shirt and baggy blue jeans walks through the door. It becomes obvious that he is experienced with the process. With cash in hand he approaches the man selling programs and makes a silent exchange. Tossing his cash on the table, he snatches up a program and quickly makes his way to a nearby table to study his newly purchased information. Just then I noticed a well dress couple just inside the building. Their eyes are full of excitement and wonder as they glance around and whisper quietly to each other. Slowly they approach the man selling programs. Although I am too far away to hear the conversation, it appears they are new to the game and the greeter is explaining the documents he has available. The couple purchases a program and slowly walks away holding hands. They continue to look around as the young man begins to flip through the booklet they just purchased. The woman tugs on his arm and they too make their way to a table in the middle of the room.

As the evening progresses, the room fills with a variety of people. All ages, races and genders have come to this same location. Soon the
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