The Night - Original Writing Essay

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Later. Morris gets wheeled out into the hallway from the operation room, his eyes are closed. Sandy smiles with excitement.

Morris gets wheeled into his room as Dr. Yish approaches Sandy. They talk in the middle of the hallway, having a serious conversation. They make direct eye contact with each other. We see them talking, but we hear nothing. Sandy closes her eyes, when she opens them up tears run down her face.
Dr. Yish looks at his watch. He walks away. Sandy stands in the middle of the hallway watching Dr. Yish walk away. Her face shows disappointment and loss of hope in Morris’s future.
Sandy walks through the revolving door. Once she takes a step outside she takes a deep breath. She crotches down by the entrance covering her face with her hands, sobbing. Not noticing her parents are approaching.
Sweat pea are you okay? You worried me on the phone.
Sandy looks up at Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis hugs Sandy. Mr. Davis stands next to Sandy.
What happened? Your mother still won’t tell me what went wrong.
Sandy wipes her tears.
Nothing pa. It’s just Morris the doctor says he hasn’t seen any improvement in Morris and he’ll be like this the rest of his life. He advised me to look into
(barely getting the words out of her mouth, she starts crying again) nursing homes.
Mrs. Davis rubs Sandys back.
Morris is a strong man I know he will get through this and so will you.
But I can’t do

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