The Ninja Wolf : The Story Of The Ninja Wolves

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The Ninja Wolves John, Jim, Tim, and Tom were excited to be 14. The were finally old enough to explore the other half of Bob’s mansion they were currently staying at since the top floors are 14+. Right away I (John) called out to my brothers, “ Let’s explore!” and we ran off into the upper 5 floors of the mansion. Finally, we made it to the top of the mansion and onto the roof. We had an amazing view of the surrounding so-called “evil” forest.But even though we were in the middle of it, nothing evil came out of or was found in it. “We should probably go back,” said Tom,” It’s getting late.” We all agreed and found our way back to room 217. Our parents had whipped up a birthday surprise which included cupcakes, punch, and a party in the great hall. Late that night we finally went back to our room but, we heard , “... got to take out the people in room 217, they could cause trouble with their kids exploring since they are 14.” “I agree,” said a voice from a phone ,” but what about their powers?” We snuck away to watch the door and watched Bob’s trusted guest Bart to exit the room “What powers?”, asked Tim “Why do you ask me, I don’t know?”, replied Jim The next early morning I woke up with Tom and we slipped away to listen outside Bart’s door and heard him talking to the same guy. “I looked into it and no one has seen any unnatural work coming from the kids, they must not have found out about their powers yet,” “Good,” said the voice in the computer/phone,“Take

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