The Objective. Advertising Is One Of The Most Important

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The Objective Advertising is one of the most important elements that come under the umbrella of marketing management (Bass et al. 2005). It has the tendency to target the audience in an efficient manner. The main perspective of this assignment is related to media analysis, in which five different commercial advertisements are likely to select, and then analyse them completely from different angles (Gretzel et al. 2000). The researcher will collect the advertisement of the top notch companies in order to get its data with complete efficacy and ease. The assignment is divided into three main sections which are introduction, analysis & discussion and conclusion. All the pertinent headings will be discussed under the heading of Analysis & …show more content…

In terms of Government Report, the ad has nothing. The ad didn’t identify any gender, racial and biasness from any angle, and it is completely fair as far as providing the actual knowledge about the product to target the audience. Hence, no legal implication could have been applied here. 2nd Ad The 2nd advertisement which has been selected for the same aspect is also related to “Dove”, one of the top notch products of Unilever Company. Dove is well known product due to its ability to satisfy the needs of their customers in terms of providing efficient products to them. Mentioned below is the image of the Dove Advertisement The aforementioned diagram is showing a girl with extravaganza of shampoo products of Dove. The message which Dove is likely to pursue and given to their end users is clear which is to identify the best features of the product of Dove for caring the hairs. The advertising strategy used in this particular ad is perfect as it is likely provide the knowledge of Dove in strengthening the hairs. The image mentioned in the advertisement is more than enough to attract the target audience, which are obviously young girls, who like to see their hairs healthy and strong. Though, it didn’t mention any men in the advertisement, but still the product can be used equally by men with the same result’ expectation (Morrison et al. 2011). The advertisement aspect consider in this particular aspect is practical and

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