The Odyssey And The Iliad

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Homer was one of the first great authors in Western culture. He was known for creating the two Greek epics The Odyssey and The Iliad, which. The Odyssey tells of the ten-year journey by Odysseus to Ithica from Troy to be reunited with his beloved wife. The Odyssey was written in a with illustrative language. The Iliad was written in a. It depicted the end of the Trojan War and the siege of Troy. This event occurred centuries before Homer was assumed to have been born. Although both epics were written in very different styles, Homer used rationalism and anthropomorphism in both of them.
Rationalism has somewhat different meanings in different fields of study. In philosophy, it is rather than life experiences. In ethics, it is believed. Essentially, rationalism is when a person takes action based on reason, rather than desire. It is what a human being deems ‘right’. The human consciousness is mostly responsible for rationalistic actions. The belief that one’s action can be right or wrong justifies one’s belief in deities. One is constantly trying to do the right thing, because they feel as though they are being watched and judged by a deity. This causes people to act justly and correctly to be seen as righteous and deserving in the eyes of deities. This concept will become relevant upon further analysis of a ten line excerpt from The Odyssey. Homer used Odysseus’s crewman to demonstrate what lack of rationalism was in The Odyssey. Odysseus was journeying home on a ship

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