The Iliad And The Odyssey

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2. The Iliad and the Odyssey were written by a poet or poets known as Homer. They were stories written about heroes in Mycenaeans times. Homer focused on one important event to base the stories after, the Trojan War. The story was about Paris Prince of Troy, taking Helen of Sparta from her husband. A war started to get Helen back to her husband because her husbands honor was hurt. The story told in the Odyssey is one of the king of Ithaca trying to return to his wife and son after being gone for ten years. The writing of the Iliad and the Odyssey are historically important, because it was one of the earliest ancient texts recorded. The stories gave the Greeks a sense of who they were and taught them how to feel all emotions, as well as …show more content…

These four kingdoms formed a cohesion and a common language was used between all four called, koiné. Together these kingdoms created more cities, trading routes, and created alliances. However, because of the high tax rate to fund all that the kingdoms were doing, farmers were poor. The successors of Alexander the Great are historically important because they spread out the Hellenistic civilization. Those kingdoms created new art in forms of encyclopedias, libraries, and technologies. Scientific innovation were also brought together from the Greek, Egyptian and Persian traditions. Medicine, astronomy, geography, and mathematics are some to name. 6. A polis was a community in the ancient Greek world. In order for the community to be a polis, the people located in the community needed to believe in something larger than oneself, share the same obligations, rights and responsibilities. Polis communities came to be when Greece no longer needed imports to survive. The communities could self-govern themselves. The poleis of Greece, began to expand and they grew into a society built for war. A polis is historically important, because it introduced diversity. Each polis had its own gods, festivals, laws, and practices. 7. The Delian League was established in 478 BCE. It was created as an alliance between all the poleis after the Greeks defeated the Persians. The Greeks believed that they had not seen the last of the Persians so the Delian League was created.

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