The Olympics Of The 1936 Olympic Games

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The 1936 Olympic games in Berlin came as a bolt from the blue; the whole world was caught unaware, as everyone expected the games to be a huge catastrophe. Despite the fact that Germany was in great amount of debt after world war one, the Nazis took advantage of the Olympics to promote a new, strong, and united Germany. But behind closed doors, Germany was establishing racist policies as well as flourishing its militarism. It’s apparent that, Adolf Hitler Nazi dictatorship obscured its discriminatory, militaristic character while hosting the 1936 Olympics; furthermore, in preparation for the Olympics, the Nazis made elaborate planning to advance the Nazi cause inside and outside of Germany without surfacing their chauvinistic character…show more content…
The International Olympic Committee decision to present Germany the games was before Germany’s major turning point in politics. In 1933 Germany experienced a change of political leadership; democracy was eradicated, and totalitarianism took its place. Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and quickly claimed all aspects of German life. At first, Hitler was not passionate about hosting the Olympics until the propaganda minister convinced Hitler that the success of German athletes in the games would reveal Germans (Aryans) dominance to the world. He argued that spectacular Nazi Games would show to the world that Germans are sports enthusiasts capable of staging a magnificent athletic festival. Beside visitors would go home to their countries believing they had nothing to fear from Nazi Germany. Therefore, Hitler emphasized on recruiting German athletes and extending sports facilities for Olympics’ competitions. Ultimately the Nazi party burned the candle at both ends to ensure successful games. In April 1933, a new racist policy was established: Jewish or part Jewish and Romani athletes were thoroughly disbarred from German sport facilities and associations. Numerous regulations and rules were created by the Nazis to shut out Jews from all aspects of German society. Some of the Jews eliminated from the Olympic team were in fact
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