The On The Killer Robot Scenario

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|Introduction to the aim of the report

The Killer Robot scenario is a rather interesting case to study, as it shows the adverse effects of small negative decisions ( or neutrality ) focused into a large undesired, negative outcome: the death of a person. The case study introduced us to a number of persons who had a saying in the evolution of the events, who, if had abode by a code of ethical conduct, could have avoided the harsh consequences.

The following report means to present the reader the proof that the use of a particular code of ethics can make the difference between a successful result and a disastrous one. An ethical framework is a set of principles, a code of conduct that every member should follow. It is meant to assure the high quality of work, in the safest conditions while maintaining a good behaviour. Informally, we can say that it is there to make sure that everything works according to plan and prevents activities from taking a negative turn. The example ethical framework chosen by me is the one used by a company named ByteSolutions. While it is relatively shorter than others, I find it more concise and complete. I have decided to take each chapter of the code, explain it and then apply it to the case we have studied in order to see the changes it would make.


This implies maintaining a professional conduct in the working environment. It would not allow one 's beliefs and feelings to generate the treating of people unfairly or
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