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Tut 3 Activity 1 It is clearly shown on the video that circular economy is playing a significant role in the process. One example of a Circular Economy could include food waste, natural yarns, wood products and biopolymers (Andrews 2015). In this case, the company trying to build a strong connection with all the suppliers and other stakeholders in purpose to maintain the quality and help to create an interdependence connection among each other. In return, the company will receive a farm welfare from the partners. Maintaining great working condition also will help to increase the productivity of the process, as well as to maintain the material still possess the highest quality. Activity 2 Triple bottom line is accounting framework that…show more content…
Devondale as the one of biggest milk producer chose to partner with the dairy farmer. This action is promoting the sustainability activity, as by utilizing the main source, Devondale is helping dairy farmers to sustain their environment condition and practices in the short or event long term. Activity 3 Devondale is already dedicated a team of professional which including scientist nutritionist and packaging experts to ensure the product is meeting the need of the consumer and customers (Devondale n.d). And as the dairy product producer, packaging will be the most crucial factor that will play a big role in the environment, as packaging will be the main factor that will ensure to determine the safety of the dairy product. By designing many types of packaging (ex: Long life milk, Chilled Milk, Cheese, etc) Devondale will be able to ensure the quality of the product without worrying about the product getting contaminated, as good quality will generate positive feedback from customers. Development in technology also will be the important pillar that will support Devondale. Devondale is currently focusing on developing two hi-tech plant that has the aim to increase the quality and the freshness of the product. These two plants are currently settled in Melbourne and Sydney, this might be costing a lot of funds, but this will also deliver a long term benefit for Devondale.
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