The On The Video On Circular Economy

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Activity 1

It is clearly shown on the video that circular economy is playing a significant role in the process. One example of a Circular Economy could include food waste, natural yarns, wood products and biopolymers (Andrews 2015). In this case, the company trying to build a strong connection with all the suppliers and other stakeholders in purpose to maintain the quality and help to create an interdependence connection among each other. In return, the company will receive a farm welfare from the partners. Maintaining great working condition also will help to increase the productivity of the process, as well as to maintain the material still possess the highest quality.

Activity 2

Triple bottom line is accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: social, environmental and financial ( Slaper & Hall 2011). Triple Bottom Lines is focusing on creating a sustainable environment where this will develop a sustainable business practice. Triple bottom line reporting can be an important tool to support sustainability goals ( Slaper & Hall 2015). The implementation of a triple bottom line has a relation with creating sustainability, as this will help the company to keep evaluating their performance. By applying triple bottom line, the company will be able to focus on how they reduce the impact of the product development and trying to concern about the environment condition. Sustainable supply and Life Cycle will be playing a significant role in…
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